Our sewer division has gained valuable experience since we entered the industry. We have numerous methods of installing or repairing sewer lines. We can use the traditional method of trenching and excavation, or a more advanced method of pipe bursting which utilizes trenchless technology.
We pride ourselves that our sewer division is not one dimensional, and we can accommodate every customer's needs. 

If the existing pipe can be replaced using pipe bursting, we can offer our customers the chance to limit the excavation and salvage the majority of their property. Sewer excavation can be extremely disruptive to a property, so we try to limit unnecessary excavation. However, there are times the only way to repair or replace an existing broken sewer pipe is to excavate.
To properly diagnose the problem of a broken sewer pipe, the best method is to run a camera down your sewer pipe and visually see the inside of the pipe.  This will show leaks, blockages, or breaks, where they are at, and how they can be fixed. 

We show you while we camera your sewer line so you can see how we will repair the problem.

Brent M. Contractors specializes in sewer line replacement and sewer line repair in the Northern Virginia area. Call now to schedule your free estimate!



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