Brent M. Contractors, Inc. offers Trenchless Technology Solutions to exceed our customer's expectations.  With technological advances in society, consumers today deserve better options to meet their needs. 


We specialize in the installation of underground pipe using Trenchless Technology.  Traditionally, installing new or replacing existing damaged underground pipe required open excavation and total destruction to the surface of the ground.  Both commercial and residential, we offer a better solution to our customers.


Our services meet the needs of, but are not limited to Plumbers, Electrical Contractors, and Irrigation Contractors.  Our Directional Boring equipment offers a wide range of trenchless technology services.  Directional Boring machinery installs underground pipe without ever touching the surface of the ground.  

Computerized locating equipment enables the drill head to steer in all directions while maintaining the desired underground depth and install conduit in the same path.  This process eliminates the need for open cut excavation and diminishes job clean up time.  Similarly, our Pipebursting equipment offers an eco-friendly way of replacing broken sewer pipes.  We burst and destroy the existing broken sewer pipe and install a new more durable pipe in the same path.  Amazingly, this is done with trenchless technology as well.


Brent M. Contractors, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in the trenchless technology field.  We exceed the standards of today’s consumer expectations, which we contribute to our excellent service reputation.  We guarantee contractors our services will give them an edge in the competition, and increase their revenue.




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