††††††††††††† Advanced technology in todayís world has allowed consumerís many options.Homeowners take great pride in their properties, and avoid visual disturbance at all means possible.With that in mind, why use traditional methods of excavation to replace broken sewer pipes?


††††††††††Brent Mason Contractors, Inc. offers Trenchless Sewer Pipebursting as an eco-friendly method of replacing broken sewer pipes with a new, more durable sewer pipe.The code-approved pipe is designed to last well over 100 years.Homeowners now have the option to save their landscaping, trees, driveways and lawn.This equipment bursts and destroys the existing damaged sewer, and installs a new sewer pipe in the same path.††The only excavation will be for the connection at the house, and at the street main.The entire distance in between remains completely unharmed.There are OPTIONS today for consumers.Trenchless Sewer Pipebursting gives homeowners the opportunity to keep their most valuable investment in life remain valuable looking.

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